Bard Abilities



Base Attack Bonus





Level 1         Bard Proficiencies, Cantrips, Inspire Courage, Bardic Knowledge, Detect Magic
Level 2         Bard Talent, Well-Versed
Level 3         Inspire Competence
Level 4          
Level 5         Inspire Courage
Level 6         Bard Talent, Fascinate
Level 7         Inspire Competence, Bardic Performance (Move Action)
Level 8         Dirge of Doom
Level 9         Inspire Greatness
Level 10         Bard Talent, Jack of All Trades
Level 11         Inspire Courage, Inspire Competence
Level 12         Soothing Performance
Level 13         Bardic Performance (Swift Action)
Level 14         Bard Talent, Frightening Tune
Level 15         Inspire Competence, Inspire Heroics
Level 16          
Level 17         Inspire Courage
Level 18         Bard Talent
Level 19         Inspire Competence
Level 20         Deadly Performance


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