Camp information in Pathfinder: Kingmaker is covered on this page. In Kingmaker, your characters can perform different activities during camping, such as hunting, cooking, camp camouflage or interact with other characters. 


Camping Information


 Your characters attempt to hunt the surrounding area, gathering rations. The outcome is determined by Main Hunter's roll against area DC. The roll value can be increased by add additional characters to help.

Camp camouflage

 Your characters attempt to hide the camp to reduce the chance of a night encounter. The camouflage aide makes a roll against the area DC to determine the outcome. Each additional character helps the camouflage aide by increasing the roll value.


 Your characters attempt to prepare a nourishing meal for the party, granting lasting beneficial effects. The Main Cook makes a roll against the area DC to figure out the outcome. Each additional character helps the main cook by increasing the roll value.


 Spellcasters attempt to spend all their remaining healing spells to heal injured companions.


 Your characters attempt to guard the camp, taking turns according to the Guard Order. If a night encounter oocurs, an active guard makes a Perception roll against the enemies Stealth DC. Succeeding at this roll allows the guard to awaken the party before the fight. Failing the roll results in a surprise attack.

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    • Anonymous

      Does anyone know what skills are used for the rolls for the camping skills? Guards mentions Perception, but what helps with my hunting skill or cooking? Does it make zero difference which character attempts which skill?

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