Goblin Village is a location in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


Goblin Village


Notes & Tips

Just outside the village, you will see some goblins trying to tame a Hydra. Unsurprisingly, that hydra turned against them. Becareful Hydra can regenerate health so focus your fire.

A Goblin Horseslayer want to trick you into the monster pen, of you really open the gate that hydra will attack you. Keep pushing forward, more Goblins and monsters will appear, just dont let them flank you and you will be fine.

There's also a Goblin Merchant in the Village, however all his wares are ridiculously expensive. 

There's another Goblin Horseslayer tries to taunt you, dont just rush to him cuz there's always traps in front of him.

Once you dealt with the goblins in the village, go north to the colosseum. There you will find a potential companion Nok Nok, who is a goblin rogue.Defeat the monsters and goblins to free Nok Nok to complete the quest Mother of Monsters. (you can also decide to let the rest goblins live or not, if you let them live. Later when farmers riot they will use this against you, but you can talk your way out. )

General Information

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Notable NPCs:

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