Hunting Ground is a location in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


Hunting Ground


Notes & Tips

After the kingdom event of monster bloom, you are invited to join the hunt with Pitax and Mivon nobles. Travel to Hunting Lodge, after you finished talking to guests there, leave for Hunting Ground.

You need to kill 2 out of 3 magic beasts in this area, one can be found in the center of the map, a giant Hydra in the pool. Another one is a Enraged Greater Owlbear at northwest corner. After you defeat them, dont forget to collect their heads.

There is another magic beast at northeast corner, however when you reach there, it's already be killed by the Embeth Travelers. You can take the trophy from the tavelers by force, (although you can win the competition with 2 heads) but you will face The Hunter's Revenge later. 

The Pitax nobles can be found at southeast corner, after talk with them and clear the area. (Melted Shard of a Ring, Shard of Knight's Bracers etc)It's time to leave the area.

Return to Hunting Lodge, if you win the competition, you will get 2,500 GP and twelve Exquisite Pearls. 

However, before you leave. One of the servants transformed into a owlbear, after it killed. You can try to keep the details of this plague quiet, or let your people know it.

General Information

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Notable NPCs:

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