Level 0



Level 1

Acid Maw

Aspect of the Falcon

Cure Light Wounds

Delay Poison


Feather Step

Hurricane Bow

Lead Blades


Magic Fang

Resist Energy

Summon Nature's Ally I

Unbreakable Heart


Level 2

Aspect of the Bear


Bear's Endurance

Cat's Grace

Chameleon Stride

Effortless Armor

Hold Animal

Owl's Wisdom

Protection From Energy

Sense Vitals

Sickening Entanglement

Spike Growth

Stone Call

Summon Nature's Ally II


Level 3

Chameleon Stride, Greater

Cure Moderate Wounds

Delay Poison, Communal

Feather Step, Mass

Instant Enemy

Life Blast

Longstrider, Greater

Magic Fang, Greater

Neutralize Poison

Protection from Energy, Communal

Remove Disease

Resist Energy, Communal

Soothing Mud

Summon Nature's Ally III


Level 4

Animal Growth

Aspect of the Wolf

Blessing of the Salamander

Cure Serious Wounds

Freedom of Movement

Inspiring Recovery

Shield of Dawn

Summon Nature's Ally IV



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