Traditional Monk


Traditional Monk is a class in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Traditional Monk is an Archetype of Monk.






Traditional Monk Abilities


Base Attack Bonus





Level 1         Monk Proficiencies, Unarmed Strike, Improved Strike, AC bonus, Stunning Fist, Monk Bonus Feat, Flurry of Blows
Level 2         Monk Bonus Feat, Evasion
Level 3         Ki Pool, Ki Strike - Magic, Fast Movement
Level 4         Stunning Fist: Fatigue, Still Mind
Level 5         Style Strike, Purity of Body
Level 6         Monk Bonus Feat, Ki Power: Wholeness of Body
Level 7         Ki Strike - Cold Iron and Silver
Level 8         Stunning Fist: Sicken, Ki Power: Abundant Step
Level 9         Improved Evasion, Style Strike
Level 10         Monk Bonus Feat, Ki Power: Dimond Body, Ki Strike - Lawful, 
Level 11          
Level 12         Ki Power: Dimond Soul
Level 13         Style Strike
Level 14         Monk Bonus Feat, Ki Power: Quivering Palm
Level 15          
Level 16         Ki Strike - Adamantine
Level 17         Style Strike
Level 18         Monk Bonus Feat, 
Level 19          
Level 20         Ki Power: Perfect Power




Traditional Monk Tips & Builds

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    • Anonymous

      The Traditional Monk is actually the default Monk in the tabletop game, Pathfinder (PF) 1st edition. An improved version was created in PF in "Pathfinder Unchained" (© 2015, Paizo Inc.). In the video game Kingmaker, the normal Monk is therefore the Unchained Monk, while the Traditional Monk is the original version. Main differences : - The Traditional Monk (archetype under Monk) has lower changes of hitting, has a few specific Ki actions, but gains more immunities or resistance as he/she levels, including better Will saves. - The (Unchained) Monk in Kingmaker (which is the default one) has better chances of hitting, has many choices of Striking Styles and Ki Powers, but has a bit less resistances gained on leveling. It also has less Will save bonus.

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