Verdant Chambers is a location in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


Verdant Chambers


Notes & Tips

Depend on your character, the encounter on this map can be very hard or very easy. A character with a high Stealth score might just avoid everything, a warrior might be able to fight through a low-quality encounter or two, and a Cleric might find victory summoning minions and healing themselves afterward. Wizard or sorcerer players need to bring enough healing potions, and invisibility potions help a lot.

Save before you entered the Verdant Chambers. Before you enter the ruins, head north, there's a gap you can leap across with a successful [Mobility 22] check.
Once across, there are two Ferocious Wolves feasting on a corpse. Defeat them, then loot their corpse they were munching on to score two Potions of Invisibility and a Scroll of Freedom of Movement. You'll be needing these shortly.

Now venturing forth to the yard of this ruin, touch the big tree and the Nymph will show up. (if you have traps you can set them before calling the nymph)
The Nymph will summon a Young Hydra, a Ferocious Manticore and an Owlbear to the southeast, also some traps will appear out of nowhere. (There's also some Redcap assassins on top of the wall and a Giant Flytrap block the area exit)

If your character is good at fighting, you can try to fight your way out. Otherwise, use the invisibility potion and run! Once you escape the area, the quest is complete.

General Information

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Notable NPCs:

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