Vordakai's Tomb is a location in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


Vordakai's Tomb


Notes & Tips

Make sure your team is ready and fully prepared when you reach this location, once you open the first door, there's no way back unless you clear the entire area. (also you cant hunt inside a tomb, so bring enough rations)

There's a number of grates and corpses you can investigate in the first chamber. And the crow will again make an appearance. Before you open the door, buff your team, summon some minions, and move all your companions close to the door. Once you open it, this chamber will be filled with Cloudkill and some zombie cyclops will rise. Leave the room and fight them in the northern passage.

Head through the passage and disarm the traps, you will meet more zombie cyclops. After defeating them, there's three poisonous hydra in a southern chamber. Carve the hydras up, then continue to the southern end of their den to find some underwater stairs. Pass an [Athletics 29] check to continue deeper into the dungeon.

Explore the new area, you will meet the crow again, this time it will ask you to reveal the name of the weakest among your team. (you can chose not to tell it any names)

Keep venturing forth, the next room you find 4 zombie cyclops and a priest.  Once they are taken care of, continue northeast and search the room for traps, as there are several scattered about. When they're disarmed, loot some containers to the northwest, then press a button to open the door to the northeast.

Continue down some more stairs and passages beyond the door, you will find yourself in a large chamber with ominous hatches on the ceiling. Investigate the mural and loot the area, then activate the switch at the east corner to open the nearby door.

Activate the switch will trigger a book event, if you succeed at the [Trickery] or [Perception] check you'll be done with the book event in one go. If you pick strength, you need to pass [Intimidate] or [Stealth] check to avoid taking significant damage.

If you failed the book event, five more Cyclops zombies will appear and attack you. If you succeed, you will appear in a chamber to the north, loot the area and leave.

In a chamber with two statues, you will find one door to the north and another door to the west. Open the west door and there is a bound Astradaemon. If you tell it "Vordakai summoned me. I am here at his request."  you can gain some XP and will not be attacked. If you want to fight it, keep in mind that it has high hp and damage reduction, use divine spell Bless Weapon can help you a lot.

Make your way past the Astradaemon to the west, you will find some captive barbarians in a room. To free them, you need to kill the Astradaemon first.

Return to the larger chamber, this time went through the north door. Explore the northern area but be careful of traps, Greater Cyclops and soul-eaters. Go through the door guarded by the Soul Eaters, then turn east to find the transition to the second level.

Buff your team and get ready for a horde of zombies, When you're done, loot the area and head south.

There's a maze at the south-west area, with lots of traps and Greater Cyclops zombie. Explore and loot the area, then leave for the north.

You will find the ghost of  Willas Gunderson in a large chamber at northwest, after defeating him, you can ask him about the fate of Varnhold and its citizens. Then you need to decide his fate, [Lawful Good] promises vengeance, [Lawful Neutral] condemns Willas Gunderson, [Lawful Evil] attacks the tormented ghost and [Neutral] leaves without offering up judgment.

Once you pass the judgment, more zombies will rise and attack you. Defeat them and head to the southeast chamber.

A lot of zombies are dinning in this chamber, at first they are not hostile (they will attack when you want to go through this chamber), so you will have sometime buff your team. Some AoE spells can easily wipe out these foes.

From the dining hall, head northeast and you will find a chamber with a statue. If you loot the statue for some gems, an Astradaemon and some soul-eaters will appear and attack you. So be careful.

Head back to the dining hall and proceed up the stairs along the northwestern end of the room. After defeat two Ancient Water Elementals you will reach the throne room, use all the buffs you have on your team, summon the minions, and transform your casters into dragonkind etc. When you feel prepared, save the game and face Vordakai.

When the battle begins, focus on Horagnamon first. Cuz this bird can heal its master and has far less hp and armor. Vordakai will cast Finger of Death, Boneshatter spells, Fear spells, and lots of Paralyzing Touch. Use your Remove Curse or Remove Paralysis. Dont forget you can use raise dead spell to remove death's door debuff.

Halfway through the combat, Tristian will appear. However, he's not here to help you, but steal the eye of Vordakai and escaped. Afterward the fight with resume where you left off. 

When you strike down Vordakai, you will have a conversation with him. If your character is evil, you can lure that lich to serve you .... in Maegar Varn body. 

Loot the room and head to northwest, there you will find the trapped souls of Varnhold. Either free them or sell them for some profits, whatever you do, you will then appear in the dining hall, and the door to the southeast exit is now open. If Maegar Varn is still alive he will give your kingdom stats a good boost, and swear fealty to you.


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