Goblin Fort is a location in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.


Goblin Fort


Notes & Tips

When you arrive, you will find Kesten fighting Goblins with a handful of soldiers, help him defend the camp. Once you killed the goblins, talk to Kesten again and be ready to assult the Goblin Fort. (If you are Lawful Evil, you can insist to kill all the prisoners so they wont change into monsters)

Goblins have traps and can cast some fire spells, so proceed with caution. (Resist Energy (Fire) may also help) Near the hut by fort entrance, there's a crate with a Token of the Dryad. The Goblin Alchemist will drop a Rings of Protection +1, near the prisoners' cage, there's crate with a Masterwork Bowgun and a Melted Shard of a Ring.

Press on deeper into the goblin fort by heading west, you will meet a Goblin Shaman forcing peasants to ingest water from the Gudrin river. You can interfere by chosing the Neutral Good dialogue. 

Keep going southwest, you will find some prisoners of Goblins, among them is Tigni, the merchant you met at Bridge over Gudrin River. You can extort him fro some GP or set him free for XP. 

Keep exploring, you will find the Goblin Shaman and Goblin King at the south west area of this fort. If you have Nok-Nok in your team, he will chalenge the king himself. (it's not actually a fight, but a book event, to ensure victory you need to have high stealth and mobility skills)

After you defeat Goblin King and Shaman, return to Kesten's camp, some freed prisoners turned into monsters. Slay the monsters and talk to Kesten, he want to lead a team to search the source of the seeds, but if you are lawful alignment, you can talk some senses to him and ask him to guard your capital.

General Information

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