Use Magic Device


Use Magic Device is a Skill in Pathfinder: Kingmaker.  


This skill represents character's talent at activating magic items, even if you are not otherwise trained in their use.


Use Magic Device Information

You apply your character's Use Magic Device skill to checks required for:

  • Activate wands and scrolls that you would normally be unable to use

  • Equip magic items that you would normally be prohibited from equipping.

  • Avoid negative consequences of using dangerous magic items and cursed items.



Use Magic Device Tips & Notes

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Athletics  ♦  Knowledge (Arcana)  ♦  Knowledge (World)  ♦  Lore (Nature)  ♦  Lore (Religion)  ♦  Mobility  ♦  Perception  ♦  Persuasion  ♦  Stealth  ♦  Trickery


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