Location Your 4th Village
Reward 600xp, Masterwork Longspear

A Flower In The Swamp is a Quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Important NPCs

  •  Kimo Tavon



  1.  The Elf Kimo Tavon has asked for a rare flower of unmatched beauty that his hunter friend told him about. It grows somewhere deep in the heart of the Narlmarches.



  • You can pick up this quest by visiting the 4th village that you build within your kingdom. Within the village you will find Kimo Tavon. Speak with him and he will bashfully ask for your help. Agree to help him, and he will inform you that he is looking for a flower in the swamp.

  •  Head to the Swamp Witch's Hut, preferably with several high-perception and high-athletic party members in tow, and head to the north-east corner of the map. There, you will find rows of bushes, and hopefully you will pass a perception check to find a route through the bushes. Pass the athletics check to cross over the bushes, and find yourself in a new segment of the area.

  •  Fight your way through 3 Greater Enraged Owlbears, and look north, just west of the dead body, to find a harvestable plant. Harvest the plant to receive a Rare Bog Flower, and then make preparations to leave. 

  •  Once finished, head back to your 4th village, where you first met Kimo. Speak to him to turn the flower in, and receive your reward; 600 xp, a masterwork longspear, and the ability to recruit Kimo as an artisan, should you accept his offer and construct his corresponding workshop.


Tips & Tricks

  •  If you are still struggling with the hidden path, it is also possible to use Dimension Door to bypass the hidden secret route and the two associated skill checks.



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