Cruel Justice

Location Technic League Hideout
Reward ??

Cruel Justice is a Quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Important NPCs



  1.  A Technic League spy sits right in the capital's tavern, drinking beer like it's nothing at all! Octavia and Regongar want to shake him down to figure out what he's doing here. 

  2.  The Technic League spy pointed us toward the secret hideout of Maestro Janush - an individual Octavia and Regongar have long wanted to settle a score with. It's time to hold him accountable for his actions - with interest!

  3.  ??



  • At some point during the intermission between act 3 and 4 you will receive a court visit from both Octavia and Regongar. In this meeting they will reveal that a Numerian spy is within the capital's tavern, and will ask you to join them there. Agree to meet them, and wrap up the rest of your courtly business.

  •  Head to the capital's tavern, and head to the bar to speak with a Dwarven NPC named Kerreg the Cobbler. As you do, Octavia and Regongar will stand up from a nearby table, and the three of you will surround the Dwarf to interrogate him. Kerreg will plead innocence as a mere slave, and will tell you the location of a Technic League Camp where Maestro Janush, the master who had enslaved Octavia and Regongar, is currently residing. You can ask Octavia for her opinion for a small ammount of bonus xp. You may then choose between paying Kerreg to leave, asking him to stay, throwing him out of the city, or killing him. In any case, the conversation will conclude.
  • Make sure Octavia and Regongar are in your team and make your way to the aforementioned camp. Once there, you will need to fight your way to the duo's former teacher, Maestro Janush. If you didn't kill Kerreg earlier, you will need to fight him here as an additional enemy. After you defeat Maestro Janush, he will try to escape from you, and you will need to decide to either save a group of slaves that had been trapped within a burning cage, or to give chase. Either way, the quest is now complete.


Tips & Tricks

  •  After the conclusion, you can search Janush's study and learn that it was the Guardian of the Bloom who was behind him.



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      Quest is permanently broken. My game is up to date. I can't free the slaves and for some reason my game auto saved after he blocked the exit routes. So I can't play until this is patched. There are no options to open the cages. I hate how broken this game it.

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