Location Six Bears Camp
Reward 600xp

Pariah is a Quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Important NPCs



  1. Amiri wishes to speak to the baron about something personal. she said it's about her former tribe - the one she left... or the one she was banished from... In any case, this conversation must be quite important to her. She's waiting in the tavern. We should hurry to catch up with her while she's still sober enough to speak clearly!

  2.  Kellid Barbarians usually roam the snowy mountains of the realm of the mammoth lords, and rarely venture beyond these lands. So what made Amiri's former tribe cross all of Numeria? What do they seek in the Stolen Lands? We should find out!

  3.  It's no wonder Amiri doesn't like to speak about her past. The story of her parting with her tribe proved far more grim than usual family spats over misplaced socks or missing pies! Because of her, an evil spirit haunts her tribe - driving the Six Bears to flee their homeland! Well, we are not afraid of ghosts! We'll help Amiri deal with the spirit - and perhaps in the end make peace with her former tribesmen.

  4.  The villain dissolved into thin air, as if he never existed! We should inform the six Bears as quickly as we can. Their last encounter with Amiri ended... not on the best of terms.



  •  At some point during the intermission between chapter 3 and 4, you will first receive the quest after getting a visit from Amiri at the Throne Room. She will pensively request that you meet her at the capital's tavern. 

  •  Go to the Tavern after wrapping up the rest of your court visits, and find her in her usual place. Speak to her and she will reveal that her tribe has followed her to the stolen lands, and that she wishes to visit them. This will unlock a new location on the far northwestern edge of the Northern Narlmarches - Six Bears Camp

  • Travel to Six Bears Camp with Amiri in your team. On arrival, you will find the other tribe members fighting off skeletal champions. Help them finish the fight, and then speak with the chieftain. An argument will break out between Amiri and the chieftain, and he will reveal the tribe's plight - an evil giant spirit has been harassing the tribe since Amiri had dissapeared.

  • After the conversation with the chieftain wraps up, prepare for a fight and head to the west side of the map. Here, a fight will trigger between your party and a spirit-like giant and his skeletal allies. Win this fight, and then return to where you had spoken to the chieftain.

  •  Initiate conversation again with Nilak, and an argument will break out between her and Amiri in regards to her rash approach to the issue. Once the conversation comes to an end the quest will be considered complete.


Tips & Tricks

  • You may find it more convenient to focus the giant down during the fight - doing so will cause his skeletal allies to dissipate.

  • Be sure to collect any loot before you initiate the final conversation with Nilak. You can still visit the campsite after the quest is complete, but it will be empty.



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