The Ravenous Queen

Location ??
Reward ??

The Ravenous Queen is a Quest in Pathfinder: Kingmaker


Important NPCs

  • Ravenous Queen, evil, vengeful, probably to kill



  1. Complete the 5 grids
  2. Queen appears
  3. Kill the scary witch and grab her gear



  • To draw all the bits of the solution together.  Each position for the obelisk is given in standard x, y coordinates

    Shrine 1 - NW of Flintrock Grasslands.  Plaque starts Farewell my Queen...  Column 3 is moveable and the obelisk goes in (3,4)

    Shrine 2 - SE of Flintrock Grasslands.  Plaque starts You won't forgive us... Column 1 is moveable and the obelisk goes in (1,5)

    Shrine 3 - SE of Whiterose Abbey.  Plaque starts Time erases the blood...  Column 2 is moveable and the obelisk goes in (2,2)

    Shrine 4 - NNW of Pitax.  Plaque starts Sleep well my queen... Column 5 is moveable and the obelisk goes in (5,3)

    Giggling Hill - W of Pitax River Bend.  Plaque starts The night is dark... Column 4 is moveable and the obelisk goes in (4,1)


Tips & Tricks



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    • Anonymous

      03 Jul 2020 21:25  

      For whoever will read this, the directions above assume that you are looking at the solution from the west side of the board

      • Anonymous

        13 Sep 2019 10:19  

        I am playing evil and wondering what benefit I get from setting her free ? Will she join my advisors.... or anything else?

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