Monk is a class in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. SHORT introduction.


"Monks excel at overcoming even the most daunting perils, striking where it's least expected, and taking advantage of enemy vulnerabilities. Fleet of foot and skilled in combat, monks can navigate any battlefield with ease, aiding allies wherever they are needed most."



Monk Tips & Builds

  • High saves: Fortitude and Reflex.

  • Class skills: Athletics, Mobility, Stealth, Knowledge (World), Lore (Religion), Perception, Persuasion.

  • Proficient with the club, crossbow (light or heavy), dagger, handaxe, javelin, kama, nunchaku, quarterstaff, sai, short sword, shortspear, shuriken, siangham, sling, spear and any weapon with the monk special weapon quality. Monks are not proficient with any armor or shields and lose their AC bonus and fast movement and flurry of blows abilities when wearing armor or holding a shield.



Monk Archetypes

Scaled Fist

 Bonus: ??

 Penalty: ??



 Bonus: ??

 Penalty: ??

Traditional Monk






Monk Abilities



Base Attack Bonus





Level 1         Monk Proficiencies, Unarmed Strike, Improved Strike, AC bonus, Stunning Fist, Monk Bonus Feat, Flurry of Blows
Level 2         Monk Bonus Feat, Evasion
Level 3         Ki Pool, Ki Strike - Magic, Fast Movement
Level 4         Stunning Fist: Fatigue, Ki Power, Still Mind
Level 5         Style Strike, Purity of Body
Level 6         Monk Bonus Feat, Ki Power
Level 7         Ki Strike - Cold Iron and Silver
Level 8         Stunning Fist: Sicken, Ki Power
Level 9         Improved Evasion, Style Strike
Level 10         Monk Bonus Feat, Ki Power, Ki Strike - Lawful, 
Level 11          
Level 12         Ki Power
Level 13         Style Strike
Level 14         Monk Bonus Feat, Ki Power
Level 15          
Level 16         Ki Power, Ki Strike - Adamantine
Level 17         Style Strike
Level 18         Monk Bonus Feat, Ki Power
Level 19          
Level 20         Ki Power, Ki Power: Perfect Power




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