Paladin is a class in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. SHORT introduction.


"Paladins serve as beacons for their allies within the chaos of battle. While deadly opponents of evil, they can also empower goodly souls to aid in their crusades. Their magic and martial skills also make them well suited to defending others and blessing the fallen with the strength to continue fighting."



Paladin Tips & Builds

  • Alignment restriction: Lawful good. It is possible to become a Fallen Paladin if your alignment shifts far enough. Fallen paladins lose all paladin spells and class features and cannot gain more paladin levels until the alignment changes back.

  • High saves: Fortitude and Will.

  • Class skills: Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (World), Lore (Nature), Lore (Religion), Persuasion.

  • Proficient with all simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, heavy armor, and shields (except tower shields).



Paladin Archetypes

Divine Hunter

 Bonus: You gain acces to a ranged combatant capable of soaking damage from partymembers on the front lines, all while firing arrows and healing themself with Lay on Hands.

 Penalty: ??



 Bonus: Separate Channel pool.

 Penalty: ??

Divine Guardian

 Bonus: Great protection of a single partymember close to the paladin. 





Paladin Abilities



Base Attack Bonus





Level 1         Deity Selection, Paladin Proficiencies, Alignment Restriction, Smite Evil
Level 2         Divine Grace, Lay on Hands - Others
Level 3         Aura of Courage, Divine Health, Mercy
Level 4         Smite Evil - Additional Use, Channel Positive Energy
Level 5         Divine Weapon Bond (+1)
Level 6         Mercy
Level 7         Smite Evil - Additional Use
Level 8         Aura of Resolve, Divine Weapon Bond (+2)
Level 9         Mercy, Divine Weapon Bond - Additional Use
Level 10         Smite Evil - Additional Use
Level 11         Mark of Justice, Divine Weapon Bond (+3)
Level 12         Mercy
Level 13         Smite Evil - Additional Use, Divine Weapon Bond - Additional Use
Level 14         Aura of Faith, Divine Weapon Bond (+4)
Level 15         Mercy
Level 16         Smite Evil - Additional Use
Level 17         Aura of Righteousness, Divine Weapon Bond (+5), Divine Weapon Bond - Additional Use
Level 18         Mercy
Level 19         Smite Evil - Additional Use
Level 20         Holy Champion, Divine Weapon Bond (+6)





Alchemist  ♦  Aldori Defender  ♦  Arcane Bomber  ♦  Arcane Trickster  ♦  Archaeologist  ♦  Armored hulk  ♦  Barbarian  ♦  Bard  ♦  Blight Druid  ♦  Chirurgeon  ♦  Cleric  ♦  Crusader  ♦  Defender of the True World  ♦  Divine Guardian  ♦  Divine Hunter  ♦  Dragon Disciple  ♦  Druid  ♦  Duelist  ♦  Ecclesitheurge  ♦  Eldritch Archer  ♦  Eldritch Knight  ♦  Eldritch Scion  ♦  Eldritch Scoundrel  ♦  Empyreal Sorcerer  ♦  Feyspeaker  ♦  Fighter  ♦  Flame dancer  ♦  Flame Warden  ♦  Freebooter  ♦  Grenadier  ♦  Herald caller  ♦  Hospitaler  ♦  Inquisitor  ♦  Invulnerable Rager  ♦  Mad dog  ♦  Magus  ♦  Monk  ♦  Monster Tactician  ♦  Mystic Theurge  ♦  Ranger  ♦  Rogue  ♦  Sacred Huntsmaster  ♦  Sage Sorcerer  ♦  Scaled Fist  ♦  Scroll Savant  ♦  Sorcerer  ♦  Stalwart Defender  ♦  Stormwalker  ♦  Sword Saint  ♦  Sylvan Sorcerer  ♦  Tactical Leader  ♦  Thassilonian Specialist  ♦  Thug  ♦  Thundercaller  ♦  Tower Shield Specialist  ♦  Traditional Monk  ♦  Two-Handed Fighter  ♦  Vivisectionist  ♦  Wizard


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