Magus is a class in Pathfinder: Kingmaker. Magus combines both magic and weapons while in combat. They use spells with focus on enhancing weapons and armor.


"Magi spend much of their time traveling the world, learning whatever martial or arcane secrets they can find. They might spend months learning a new sword-fighting style from a master warrior, while simultaneously moonlighting in the local library, poring through tomes of ancient lore. Most who take this path dabble in all sorts of lore, picking up anything that might aid them in their search for perfection."


Magus Tips & Builds



Magus Archetypes

Eldritch Scion

 Bonus: Access to Sorcerer's Bloodlines powers, using Charisma for spell, spontaneous casting allowing better flexibility on the fly.

 Penalty: Limited number of spell known. Lower Intelligence means less Skill Points


Sword Saint

 Bonus: Access to any type of weapon from the get go, apply weapon damage multiplier to spells, apply Intelligence bonus to AC.

 Penalty: Have to choose a single weapon type, fewer spells per day, unable to wear armor.

Eldritch Archer






Magus Abilities



Base Attack Bonus





Level 1         Cantrips, Magus Proficiencies, Arcane Pool, Spell Combat
Level 2         Spellstrike
Level 3         Magus Arcana
Level 4         Spell Recall
Level 5         Arcane Weapon (+2), Bonus Magus Feat
Level 6         Magus Arcana
Level 7         Arcane Medium Armor
Level 8         Improved Spell Combat
Level 9         Arcane Weapon (+3), Magus Arcana
Level 10         Fighter Training
Level 11         Improved Spell Recall, Bonus Magus Feat
Level 12         Magus Arcana
Level 13         Arcane Weapon (+4), Arcane Heavy Armor
Level 14         Greater Spell Combat
Level 15         Magus Arcana
Level 16         Counterstrike
Level 17         Arcane Weapon (+5), Bonus Magus Feat
Level 18         Magus Arcana
Level 19         Greater Spell Access
Level 20         True Magus




Alchemist  ♦  Aldori Defender  ♦  Arcane Bomber  ♦  Arcane Trickster  ♦  Archaeologist  ♦  Armored hulk  ♦  Barbarian  ♦  Bard  ♦  Blight Druid  ♦  Chirurgeon  ♦  Cleric  ♦  Crusader  ♦  Defender of the True World  ♦  Divine Guardian  ♦  Divine Hunter  ♦  Dragon Disciple  ♦  Druid  ♦  Duelist  ♦  Ecclesitheurge  ♦  Eldritch Archer  ♦  Eldritch Knight  ♦  Eldritch Scion  ♦  Eldritch Scoundrel  ♦  Empyreal Sorcerer  ♦  Feyspeaker  ♦  Fighter  ♦  Flame dancer  ♦  Flame Warden  ♦  Freebooter  ♦  Grenadier  ♦  Herald caller  ♦  Hospitaler  ♦  Inquisitor  ♦  Invulnerable Rager  ♦  Mad dog  ♦  Monk  ♦  Monster Tactician  ♦  Mystic Theurge  ♦  Paladin  ♦  Ranger  ♦  Rogue  ♦  Sacred Huntsmaster  ♦  Sage Sorcerer  ♦  Scaled Fist  ♦  Scroll Savant  ♦  Sorcerer  ♦  Stalwart Defender  ♦  Stormwalker  ♦  Sword Saint  ♦  Sylvan Sorcerer  ♦  Tactical Leader  ♦  Thassilonian Specialist  ♦  Thug  ♦  Thundercaller  ♦  Tower Shield Specialist  ♦  Traditional Monk  ♦  Two-Handed Fighter  ♦  Vivisectionist  ♦  Wizard


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